Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a term used for services that help companies and businesses maintain their hygiene and cleanliness.

It includes, but is not limited to:

COVID-19 Electrostatic Spraying Services

Nursing Home Disinfecting Services

Daycare Facility Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Vacation Rentals Cleaning Services

Floor and Window Cleaning Services

Remodeling Cleaning Services

We offer an all-around cleaning in kitchens, hallways, conference rooms, and other surfaces of your commercial building.

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Daily Cleaning

Periodic Cleaning

Seasonal Cleaning

Chosen 1st Cleaning Service LLC

Our staff is experienced in routine and one-time cleanings. From COVID-19
disinfecting to office cleaning and more, you got us!

Our Mission

To provide outstanding quality services and develop lasting professional relationships molded through mutual trust and respect with our clients

Our Vision

To become (place)’s most trusted and preferred commercial cleaning services partner.

Core Values

Reliability. Business Ethics. Service Excellence. We stand with integrity to provide quality and values that make us the chosen one.

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Our Working Process

Professionalism at its finest. Our team is equipped with dependability and
dexterity with janitorial ability. We ensure that we can make your
commercial spaces safe and professional-looking because of our cleaning